Esports World Cup Betting Odds: T1 vs. DRX in the League of Legends Worlds Grand Final

Esports World Cup Betting Odds T1 vs. DRX in the League of Legends Worlds Grand Final

The League of Legends 2022 World Championship is set to conclude after a month-long tournament, with both T1 and DRX preparing to battle for the Summoners Cup and be crowned world champions.

Nobody could have predicted that it would come down to T1 and DRX in the final, with both being considered underdogs going into their matches.

DRX intends to continue on its destructive path. After defeating the defending champions EDG and convincingly smashing Gen.G to reach the finals, only one opponent stands between them and the trophy.

Faker, on the other hand, is on the verge of winning yet another trophy alongside the next generation of League of Legends superstars.

Based on our analysis of both teams’ performances at Worlds 2022 thus far, here are our picks for the most intriguing, enticing, or exciting betting odds provided by OKBET.


Faker is cementing his legacy and the pride of the next generation. T1 was expected to struggle when they faced JDG in the Semi-Final, but the Korean team easily defeated them in a convincing and dominating 3-1 victory, thanks in large part to their cross-map strategy.

Ultimately, JDG was unable to respond despite their best efforts in various fights from behind, whereas T1’s team fights were considered nearly perfect due to their coordination.

Faker is the team’s star and veteran, and he has been a legendary player for nearly the entire history of the game. With his experience, he guides his teammates every step of the way to ensure his legacy and the success of the T1 team’s next generation.

With Zeus, the top lane is no longer the primary win condition in T1. The entire team has been made aware of their true nature. Oner gets the job done in the jungle by focusing on whichever lane requires an advantage. Throughout his career, Faker has been known to make clutch plays in team fights. Zeus in the top lane remains consistent, and even though he will be behind a match-up in team fights, he will still be one of the most damage contributors.

T1’s bot lane duo Gumayusi and Keria are also formidable opponents. Gumayusi’s performance at Worlds 2022 is exactly what T1 had hoped for, and he’s always giving his all, even carrying the team when necessary. Keria, as the support, always makes great plays to their advantage in team fights, and he makes any champion an engaging one.

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DRX was not even considered a team capable of competing for the 2022 World Championship. But it was only possible because of their collaborative efforts. They stunned everyone by defeating Gen.G in the semi-finals 3-1.

This isn’t the same team we saw before, as they’ve continued to put on increasingly dominant performances as the tournament progresses.

Pyosik, DRX’s jungler, is back in top form after a poor performance against LCK Summer, proving that he is the team’s franchise player.

Kingen is still a player who has stepped up most of their games with his consistency in the top lane. The bot lane duo of Deft and Beryl’s creativity and experience have done absolute wonders for this team so far in the tournament.

Last but not least, Zeka is DRX’s star mid-laner who has unleashed his potential to be considered one of the greats despite his youth. With all of these factors, they made it from the play-ins to the finals, and we can’t wait to see what this team has to offer on the tournament’s final day.

Bet on high-interest markets

Duration: less than 33 minutes at odds of 1.9 or higher

These two teams share many similarities, with their compositions primarily geared toward scaling and champions that activate in the game’s later stages. However, expecting the game to be like that could be a mistake because these two teams know how to close out a match. T1 in particular understands how to use their advantages to win a team fight and make their way to the enemy nexus.

First Blood: T1 at odds of 1.6 or higher

T1 is extremely aggressive, particularly their jungler Oner. Most of the time, he’ll go to the top lane to gain an early advantage, get Zeus ahead, and quickly snowball the game. This is a good bet on the T1 side because they will be aggressive right away.

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